Puffco | Cupsy Coffee Cup Bong

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Brand Puffco
Colour White/ Black
Width 3cm
Height 11 cm
Material Metal
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Cupsy by Puffco is the game-changing revolutionary new water pipe/ bong from Puffco that has been designed simply as a coffee cup.

The innovative creativity that Puffco demonstrate here with the Cupsy builds on their innovation with the Budsy by making it even more discrete and easy to carry. The hybridisation of the water pipe combined with a classic coffee cup, fusing an unassuming, essential everyday object with the high-performance bubbler system as seen across all bongs and water pipes.

 Cupsy by Puffco has a ceramic bowl for your flower / dry herb as it ensures that the flavour potential from your flower is experienced thoroughly as ceramic leaves the flavour untainted. The ceramic bowl stows away inside the extra hidden storage compartment when it isn’t being used, ensuring your bong is entirely portable. The Cupsy has 16 oz capacity meaning whilst you aren’t using it to consume your fine herbs then you can carry a decent stash of your liquid motivation. Just make sure to empty it before use! 

Only with Puffco can you unleash the power of the Cupsy and travel in absolute discretion whilst being ready to smoke your flower at any moment. And as Puffco say, you get out what you put in!

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